Photo Book<YOO&YOU~season1/season2>For Overseas Applicants

화보집 한국국내 신청에 대하여

●신청접수개시(6/15 12시~7/20 23시30분)

일본국내 일반판매구입자 및 해외구입자 구매특전(추첨) 화보집세트구입자들중 추첨으로 20명에게 유승호씨 친필사인카드를 선사합니다.

추첨결과(당첨자)발표는 상품(사인카드) 발송으로 대신합니다. (따로 공개하지 않습니다.)

당첨자분들한테는 <YOO&YOU~season1> 발송시에 사인카드를 같이 포장해서 보내드립니다.

상 품 개 요

상품명화보집<YOO&YOU~season1> 일본어(한국어・영어 표기는 없습니다.)

     회보집<YOO&YOU~season2> 일본어(한국어・영어 표기는 없습니다.)

      세트구매자특전 : 화보집에 2019년도 달력카드 6장을 선사


한국에서 구매 신청하실 경우

가격세트가격 10만원(세금포함.)

배송료: 1만2천원(시즌1,2를 각각 2회로 나뉘어 발송/배송료는 각각 6천원씩/포장요금 포함.)

발송화보집<YOO&YOU~season1> 2018년8월(예정)

     화보집<YOO&YOU~season2> 2018년12월(예정)

발매일이 다르기때문에 발송도 회로 나뉘어 보내드리게 됩니다.

상기 발송시기는 현재 예정이기때문에 사정에 따라 변경될수 있습니다.

한국국내 발송으로 보내드립니다.

신청을 희망하시는 분은 건명에 「유승호 사진집 신청」, 본문에 신청 세트수, 이름, 전화번호, 주소를 기입하시고

ticket@a-ara.co.jp 앞으로 송신해주세요.  한국에서 신청하실 경우 한국 국내 은행에 송금하게 됩니다만 그 이외의 나라에서 신청하실 경우는 일본의 지정은행에 송금하시게 됩니다. 이체수수료는 손님께서 부담하시게 되오니 양해바랍니다. 신청하신 후에 입금과 관련된 안내를 송신해드립니다. 신청하신 매일에 보내드리는 답장은 최대 1주일정도 걸릴 경우가 있습니다. 답장이 안온다고 하여 서둘러

2중으로 신청하시지 않도록 주의하시기 바랍니다. 선착순은 아닙니다.


For Overseas Applicants (Except for Applicants in Korea)

Overseas Set purchasing including Season 1 and Season 2: from At noon on June 15 to 11:30 p.m. on July 20

Of all set purchasers, applicants in Japan and overseas applicants, by lottery, Twenty persons will be given The Special Card which have Yoo Seung Ho autograph.

※We do not notice the Winner list.

※The person who get the Special card, we will ship the card with<YOO&YOU~season1>.

【About the Photo Book】

Book TittlePhoto Book<YOO&YOU~season1>  Language: Japanese Only

Photo Book<YOO&YOU~season2> Language: Japanese Only

PriceA set Price goes to 9,720yen(Tax included.)

Shipping Fee: It differ to country to country. We will inform you of the fee after receiving your order.   

Shipping<YOO&YOU~season1> In August (as Planned.)

         <YOO&YOU~season2> In December(as Planned.)

※As two Photo Books are set each Sale Time, we are to ship them Two times as mentioned above.

※The Sale times are expected date and by some conditions the date could be changed to some extent.

We accept any overseas application by email. Our email address is ticket@a-ara.co.jp

When you apply for the purchasing, please put the tittle as 「YOO SEUNG HO Photo book」 and inform your name, telephone number, address and the set(s) you want to buy on main Text blank.

You need to transfer the money to our Japanese bank account. We are sorry but you have to pay overseas remit charges including the Photo book price.

After receiving your order, we will send the payment guidance in a week. You need to pay accordingly.

Overseas transfer usually need two or three days, so, you have to wait one week or so until you get the confirmation mail regarding your payment.

Regarding the photobook purchasing, please refer to as follows:

A Set of The Photo Book costs 9,720 yen.

For overseas remittance, customers need to pay overseas remit charges in addition to the Photo book price.

The charges usually go to 4000 yen or more.

We accept bank transfer only for the payment. (We do not address pay pal or credit card payment.)

 ※If you have friends or acquaintance in Japan, you can ask them to pay on behalf of you. It save overseas remit charges.

 For example, if you want to buy TWO set( @9720×2), total payment goes to 23,440 yen

(= 19,440 yen + 4000 yen for overseas remit charge.)

We have to remind you that some banks, such as invest bank use their affiliate banks and impose extra charge.

Be aware that once a customer pay for the photo book we will not refund the money.


If you accept the conditions mentioned above please tell us the photobook(s) and the number(s) you want to buy.

Then we will let you know the guidance for the payment.

 If you have any questions or concerns, tell us regardless of what they are.